Fall, 2022

Welcome to 2022-2023! For the first time since fall 2019, the music program is starting the year with the possibility of a full concert season, participation in festivals and the opportunity for kids to play and perform every day. A successful music program requires dedicated students, passionate band, orchestra and choir teachers, and a supportive group of parent volunteers–The IA Music Boosters! The Music Boosters raise money and organize volunteer efforts that directly support the IA OKMA Campus music program and help ensure the best possible program for our school.

Please consider supporting your young musician with a financial donation to the IA Music Boosters. In 2021-22 the Music Boosters were able to support the program with funds for four master classes, specialty music, professional piano accompanist for the choir, scholarships where needed, instrument repair/restringing and senior gifts. Dozens of volunteers helped out with uniform night, hospitality at concerts, concert programs, winter banquet and spirit wear. We rallied together when events had to be cancelled or downsized.

So far in Fall, 2022 we have provided funds for four double bass bows, four music stools and two cellos (the number of cellists went from 12-14). We know other needs will come up and we want to meet them!

Please consider the Music Boosters for your financial support and volunteer time. For families who are able, we ask for a donation of $150 per family, though contributions of any size are welcome at https://iamusicboosters.org/

We are a great community of parent volunteers, and we invite you to join us. In the year I have been involved, I have made lots of friends and feel more connected to the school than ever. It’s fun to work on projects together and to get to know each other. It’s a great parent community.

We would love to hear from you! Call or email with questions and join us on the first Wednesday of each month. Subscribe to the school calendar to get current meeting dates https://www.iatoday.org/campuses/okma-campus/okma-calendar

Mary Freeman

IA Central Campus Music Boosters President