The IA would like to welcome Mr. Eric LaNoue to the International Academy Staff! Mr. LaNoue was selected out of a fantastic pool of over 100 applicants for the vacancy. We were very lucky to have over 50 students, parents and staff  from the IA family watch our interview process on Wednesday and give their feedback on each of the candidates. Each candidate was evaluated by the panel of performers and guests and all ranked Mr. LaNoue with high marks. While each of our candidates brought a new and exciting energy to our music program, Mr. LaNoue exhibited the type of inquisitive pursuit of knowledge and passion for music that will help our students be successful their musical journey.

His philosophy is as follows:

Of Education:

  • Public education creates increasingly informed citizens, who are more equipped to contribute to society
  • Education allows students the opportunity to explore possible careers and interests
  • Education helps socialize students with their peers and learn to negotiate relationships, responsibilities, etc.
  • Public education encourages students’ curiosity, and cultivates lifelong learners
  • Education can and should be a force for social justice, allowing students to gain access to future opportunities not because of their background, but because of their effort, intellect, and achievement.

Of Music Education:

  • Music education exposes students to forms of music they might not otherwise encounter.
  • Music education develops audiational skills that can be applied to any kind of music for the rest of their lives, as performers, creators, or listeners.
  • Music education helps students connect to many cultures, including their own, historically and currently, and in a more informed and analytical way.
  • Music education cultivates virtues of commitment, responsibility to the group or team, patience, and commitment to excellence.
  • Music education can and should give students new ways to express themselves as individuals.
  • Music education should reflect the needs and interests of the students, their community, and their culture.

Please welcome Mr. LaNoue to the IA Family and join us in the support of this great music program!