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Concert Attire Return Form 2015

For Senior Gentlemen: Please complete this form online and print out or use one from hallway mailboxes by the main office. Please address an envelope to yourself and fill out this form. Return with your uniform pieces to a Music Booster after the final concert or the main office with all items intact in a closed bag with form and return envelope inside the bag.
You may wish to donate your deposit to contribute to the efforts of the Music Boosters for future students. All donations are greatly appreciated! If so, please indicate on your form.

You may wish to donate your shirt and tie to the program. If so, please return with your jacket and pants.

Return your tuxedo jacket and pants. A Music Booster needs to check your uniform for damage and sign off on the form in order for your to receive a requested refund.

Refund checks take 4-6 weeks to process. No refunds will be processed without this completed form.

Late fees are assessed for returns after the final concerts of the year, so please take care of this now.

Seniors will not be wearing the uniforms to the final concerts – your directors invite you to wear your own dress clothing.

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I would like to donate my deposit to the Music Boosters to support the Music program for future years *
Tuxedo Jacket Item Number
Find this number on the inside front pocket

Tuxedo Pant Item Number
Find this number on the waistband of the pants

Damage Noted
Replacement of jacket or pant – each piece $70.00, Late Return $25.00, Button replacement, Tears, Holes – as Asessed by Tailor

Received By
Person checking in uniform, please sign below

Refund Amount
Authorized by Uniform Chair Only

Date Processed

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