The Music Boosters request your attendance for Music Night
Tuesday, August 28, 7-9:30 pm in the ISC

All Students and Parents should attend.
This is our only uniform fitting for the year.

There will be a half hour Orientation and Welcome Program
Concert Attire distribution will follow.

Young men will need a deposit of $140 plus $20 cleaning fee plus $17.50 for shirt and bowtie.

Young ladies new to the program buy their IA Concert Dress, $48.

Please wear a camisole or light tee for easier fitting.
Make checks to IACCMB

IA Concert Attire 2012-13

Young men: Borrowed Tuxedo Jacket and Pants, Purchased Tuxedo Shirt and Bowtie with your black shoes and socks. We do not use the black plastic buttons that come with the shirts.

Young ladies: IA Concert Dress with your black shoes (flat/low heel) and black or neutral stockings – the dress should be hemmed to floor length. Jewelry should be inconspicuous.

You will need to hem your dress or the tux pants for your concert shoes.
Hand sewing the hem or using iron-on tape are the best methods. DO NOT use duct tape.
Please help us to maintain tuxes by making minor repairs like sewing on a button, repairing a small tear, or fixing a zipper. Tux pants have slides that adjust the waist size within a three inch range.

Tuxedo jackets and pants are borrowed yearly. Each young man will owe a $140 deposit (to cover replacement and damage to the tuxedo jacket and pants) plus a yearly cleaning fee of $20. The full $140 will be returned after the student’s final concert in the IA Music Program if both items are returned in good condition.

It is your responsibility to take proper care of and dry- clean these garments between performances. They will be collected immediately following each of the spring concerts. You will need to bring a change of clothes to that concert. If you have fit or function problems mid-year, contact the Chair.

If you will not be performing in the June concert or leave the program earlier, you must arrange to return your jacket and pants beforehand to receive your deposit in full.

Shirts, bowties and dresses are the property of each student.

Ladies’ dresses are machine or hand washable in cold water and a mild detergent using the gentle wash/dry cycle. Use only a cool iron – polyester setting.

Tuxedo jackets, pants, and bowties need to be professionally dry-cleaned. Tuxes may be sent to the cleaner between concerts. If needed, pants and jackets can be pressed using the wool setting on your iron. Music Boosters collect and clean all jackets and pants yearly.

Shirts can be laundered in warm water and pressed on the poly setting. No bleach.

Lisa Martin, Uniform Chair (248) 646-4587