Bravo to all the IA Music Students on a fantastic year. Mr. LaNoue and I could not be more proud of your season of music making. While every year we have our successes we also have our struggles. This year was no different but once again, we overcame adversity and ended with very impressive performances full of pride. Some final notes to think about as we leave for the summer break.

1. Did you turn in your uniform?
2. Did you remember to take your instrument home to practice? (yes, practice.)
3. Did you finish your final blog posts? (Wolf)
4. Did you personally reflect on how much you have changed as a musician and a person over this year?
5. Do you take pride in the fantastic performances you have provided to the world this season?
6. Will you be prepared to take on the next round of challenges that we’ll encounter next year? (a lesson or two over the summer?)

Once again, thank you! Thank you to the IA Music Boosters, the board of IACCMB, the parents, and all the suporters of the arts that have worked with the IA music program. A special thank you Mrs. Martin for her unwavering support of the music program, students and school you will be greatly missed! Thank you to the amazing seniors who have been such dedicated leaders in the school and will continue to be so in the next phase of their lives.

On behalf of Mr. LaNoue and I, have a wonderful summer and Bravo, for such an amazing year of music making.

Scott Wolf
Orchestra Director
Theory of Knowledge Teacher
VP for Adjudication MSBOA District 4
International Academy Central Campus
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan