January 30, 2014

Dear Solo and Ensemble Participants,

Please be aware we are expecting significant snowfall on Saturday morning and throughout the day. I do not expect the event to be cancelled but I do expect for many musicians, including accompanist, to run late or even not attend the festival. Many of the participants who are scheduled for the morning times may delay their arrival and try to get worked into the afternoon portion of the schedule. It is important to aware that the shift of participants to the afternoon will put a great strain on the festival. Do your best to arrive early to your assigned time and if you need to reschedule to the afternoon, it may not be as easy as prior years or even an option. If you want to try to avoid the rush of the afternoon, you could try to move to the morning if you feel comfortable with such a journey.

Please use caution as you drive to Hartland High School. The school is located in a rural area and the road approaching the school can be challenging in heavy snow. Plan to be at the site 30 minutes before your scheduled time. I will be in the headquarters for the first part of the day and then be listening to performances throughout the day.

Please make sure that you check in to www.iamusicboosters.org for communications about the festival, including my guide for success. If the festival is cancelled, I will post on this site.
Follow @iamusicboosters or #iarocks on Twitter as a communication method for festival information.

On behalf of Mr. LaNoue and myself, perform well!!

Scott Wolf