Please Bring a check or exact change. Uniforms are not dispersed without payment and our first concerts are Oct. 1 and 3.

Gentlemen who have uniforms on hold – bring a check – if you don’t know your amount due, just a blank check to the IACCMB and we will complete the amount for your parents.

Gentlemen who had uniform parts ordered and have already paid – you just need to come and pick up.

Gentlemen who have not gotten a tuxedo at all- and there seem to be a number who either have your own, or who did not come on music night – if you need a uniform from school you need to come with a blank check and we will sort it all out and get you clothed.

I will be at the IA next Tuesday, September 24 at 2:45-5:30pm. This is the final opportunity to get school supplied tuxedos this fall.

Women who have ordered dresses – they have not arrived yet. Mrs. Michalakis will be in touch when they arrive.

Mrs. Susan Meyer, Uniform Chair