It is with great pride and excitement that I share with you this great information. Last weekend, individual musicians from across the state participated in the Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association’s State Solo and Ensemble Festival. There are eight sites across the state each hearing the best musicians from regional Solo and Ensemble events from earlier in the month. Every musician who performed was invited to the State level only after earning a superior 1st division rating from the regional event. At the State level S&E there are about 7000 musical events being evaluated from all across Michigan. Each room holds about 40 events and at the end of each day, a judge can select up to two soloist that represent the best musicians they have evaluated for that day. They may also select the best chamber ensemble group of the day with the same method. The list as you could imagine represents the best of the best musicians from the state of Michigan. IA Central can be very proud to represented by two incredible soloist and an ambitious woodwind quintet that were nominated for this honor.

The IA music department would like to congratulate:
Addison Horton-Trombone for his nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Soloist!
Aaron Levett-Violin for his nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Soloist!
The IA Wind Quintet for their nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Chamber Ensemble! Members of the ensemble are:
Hyunji Shim-Flute
Nichole Latham-Oboe
Peter Sun-Clarinet
Connor Crombez-Horn
Balaji Veluswamy-Bassoon

Please congratulate these musicians on this incredible achievement.