Now that the madness has died down from festival season, I’d like to thank you for your flexibility and support in sending our students to festival, accommodating rehearsal, etc. Not only were the Band and Orchestras very successful last week, but the Choirs gave excellent performances as well on Monday afternoon at Waterford Kettering HS.

The Chorale received an “Excellent” rating, qualifying for State Choir Festival (though we will not be attending State due to schedule conflicts.) Perhaps even more impressive as a perfect score in Sight-Singing, which is very rare and something to be very proud of.

Bel Canto has come a long way in a few short weeks, and put on a very good performance. They received a “Good” rating, which is the category below Excellent. Especially considering the fact that many are first-time singers, this is a great success.

Again, I thank you for your contributions to the team effort.


Eric LaNoue
Director of Band, Choirs and IB Music