Fall Choir/Orchestra Concert
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Kirk in the Hills Church

Fall 2014 Program (To Download in .PDF)


Dear Music Families:

Our first concert of the season is this Thursday, October 16 at The Kirk of the Hills (1340 West Long Lake Road • Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302) in the Large Hall.  The concert begins at 7:30 but we ask that all orchestra musicians arrive no later than 7:00pm.  This is a combined concert for the orchestra and the choir with all ensembles performing. The concert will begin with the choirs then there will be a slight intermission as we reset the stage from choir to orchestra (please feel free to assist in this process). This is the first time for the orchestra to perform at the Kirk so please expect a full house. The concert venue is amazing and what it lacks in seating it more then makes up in sound! Please come and enjoy the performance and bring your video cameras for our first show of the year!

The large concert hall is located on the west side of the Kirk. If you are facing the Kirk, you should park in the west parking lot (the left side if you are facing the front of the building).

We will need orchestra families to bring a music stand to the concert. Most students have been asked to bring a stand from school and return it on Friday but as a precaution, please pack a folding stand in the car.

Due to the lack of rehearsal space in the Kirk, all ensembles will be in the hall for each performance. Please remember that your soft speaking voice will be amplified in this hall. Please do your best to respectful to all performers and performances.

Please bring your food/ drink donations
Family last name  A-H   Bring water /juice boxes (Please no liter drinks)
Family last name I-Z   Bring bite size snacks (cookies, brownies, fruit, etc.)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all on our first performance of the year!