Dear IA Parents, Students and Fans,

We are quickly reaching the end of an amazing concert season.
We have so many fantastic events on the way!

  • The Final IA Choir Concert is on June 8 at Groves High School in Birmingham.
  • The Final IA Band Pops Concert is on June 9 at Bloomfield Hills High School(Lahser H.S.)in Bloomfield Hills.
  • The Final Orchestra Concert is on June 10 at Bloomfield Hills High School(Lahser H.S.) in Bloomfield Hills.
  • All Concerts begin at 7:30pm.

If this is your first experience with our final shows, I believe you will be impressed! Our final concerts are a dedication to our seniors and feature student solos from our senior musicians. Each concert is a chance for our music community to recognize and thank the seniors publicly for their dedication to the IA and the ensembles.

A few things to be aware of as we move towards these final concerts:
1. These concerts are the longest performance of the year. For example, The Symphony Orchestra, with student solos, is around 2 hours in length and is well worth the time. Please plan accordingly as I wish that all families stay for the entire event. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! 🙂
2. All Men’s uniforms will be turned in at the end of each of the concerts. Students should bring a change of attire for the end of the show.
3. A special program will be printed with all our seniors biographies.

For Senior Orchestra members: Please plan on attending a few rehearsals prior to the performance. We meet this week, June 1, 3 and 5 at 1pm and have our final Full Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, June 4 at 3:30. We also will have our final rehearsals on June 9 at 1pm.

All other Symphony musicians: Our final dress rehearsal is this Thursday, June 4 at 3:30 and is a required Dress Rehearsal. Plan on attending and support all our senior soloists!

All Parents: Please make sure to listen to your musicians and encourage them to work hard towards this final show. From the Bel Canto to the String Orchestra through the Symphony Band, the variety of music will be sure to impress you.

Have a great day,

Scott Wolf
Orchestra Director