As we all start to spin out towards the end of the 2011-2012 school year I send out a reminder with some requests.

The music department is ending our concert season with a bang! On 6/5 the bands will be having their final concert of the season at Andover High School performing the great Rhapsody in Blue with piano soloist and senior Jordan Liu. On 6/7 the orchestras will have their final show at Andover High School with our big production of Rimski-Korsakov Capriccio Espanol with many soloist but featutrning Hideyasu Ouchi on violin, Bianka Kristen on english horn, Peter Sun on clarinet and Jordan Liu on harp (actually it’s a harp part played on a piano). The choir will have their final production at Lahser High School on 6/12 with music from Glee!! These are long evenings but full of great music if you can join us. The band and orchestra concerts are at Andover and the Choir will be performing at Lahser. Please consider joining us!!

As a reminder we will also be collecting uniforms so make sure if you are wearing a tuxedo, you will need a change of clothes at the end of the show!