What a fantastic afternoon of music making for the IA Instrumental Ensembles! Yesterday at Waterford Kettering High School, the IA Bands and Orchestras took to the festival stage for District 4 MSBOA B&O Festival. Each group performed to our highest standard and were reward with a great reception! The first group to take the stage was the String Orchestra who performed extraordinary musically and received a Division 2 rating! Then the Concert band took the stage right after and impressed the adjudicators and was awarded a Division 1 rating!! Right before lunch the Symphonic band took the stage and amazed the audience with an incredibly musical performance and received a Division 1 rating! The last group from IA to perform was the Symphony Orchestra and with an incredibly powerful performance received a Division 2 rating!

A great day by all! Thank you to all the parent chaperones that joined us on this great day! And thank you to Panera Bread who supplied our hunger ensembles with bagels to make it through the morning!! And as always thank you to the Music Boosters who helped to supply fruits and drinks to keep our fantastic musicians going through this very taxing day!