Congratulations to #MYAF Honors Ensembles nominees! #iarocks

The IA would also like to extend congratulations to 3 individuals who were invited to be part of the MYAF Honors Ensembles:

Junior Nic Vreede-Euphonium has been invited to perform with the MYAF Honors Band.

Senior Benjamin Cher and Sophomore Aaron Levett were invited to perform violin with the MYAF Honors Orchestra.

The IA community congratulates these great musicians on their hard work and dedication!!

IA Students Selected as #MYAF Soloist #iarocks

It is with great pride and excitement that I share with you this great information. Last weekend, individual musicians from across the state participated in the Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association’s State Solo and Ensemble Festival. There are eight sites across the state each hearing the best musicians from regional Solo and Ensemble events from earlier in the month. Every musician who performed was invited to the State level only after earning a superior 1st division rating from the regional event. At the State level S&E there are about 7000 musical events being evaluated from all across Michigan. Each room holds about 40 events and at the end of each day, a judge can select up to two soloist that represent the best musicians they have evaluated for that day. They may also select the best chamber ensemble group of the day with the same method. The list as you could imagine represents the best of the best musicians from the state of Michigan. IA Central can be very proud to represented by two incredible soloist and an ambitious woodwind quintet that were nominated for this honor.

The IA music department would like to congratulate:
Addison Horton-Trombone for his nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Soloist!
Aaron Levett-Violin for his nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Soloist!
The IA Wind Quintet for their nomination as a Michigan Youth Arts Chamber Ensemble! Members of the ensemble are:
Hyunji Shim-Flute
Nichole Latham-Oboe
Peter Sun-Clarinet
Connor Crombez-Horn
Balaji Veluswamy-Bassoon

Please congratulate these musicians on this incredible achievement.

IA Choirs Light Up the Stage! #festival

Now that the madness has died down from festival season, I’d like to thank you for your flexibility and support in sending our students to festival, accommodating rehearsal, etc. Not only were the Band and Orchestras very successful last week, but the Choirs gave excellent performances as well on Monday afternoon at Waterford Kettering HS.

The Chorale received an “Excellent” rating, qualifying for State Choir Festival (though we will not be attending State due to schedule conflicts.) Perhaps even more impressive as a perfect score in Sight-Singing, which is very rare and something to be very proud of.

Bel Canto has come a long way in a few short weeks, and put on a very good performance. They received a “Good” rating, which is the category below Excellent. Especially considering the fact that many are first-time singers, this is a great success.

Again, I thank you for your contributions to the team effort.


Eric LaNoue
Director of Band, Choirs and IB Music

IA Bands & Orchestras Success at MSBOA Festival! #iarocks

What a fantastic afternoon of music making for the IA Instrumental Ensembles! Yesterday at Waterford Kettering High School, the IA Bands and Orchestras took to the festival stage for the District 4 MSBOA B&O Festival.

Each group performed to our highest standard and were rewarded with a great reception! The first group to take the stage was the String Orchestra who performed extraordinary musically and received a Division 1 rating, with a perfect concert score of straight 1s from the three judge panel! Then the Concert band took the stage right after and impressed the adjudicators and was awarded a Division 2 rating!! Right before lunch the Symphony Orchestra took the stage and amazed the audience with an incredibly musical performance and also received a Division 1 rating with another perfect panel rating! The last group from IA to perform was the Symphonic Band and with an incredibly powerful performance received another Division 1 rating! BRAVO to the great teamwork of all our individual musicians!

A great day by all! Thank you to all the parent chaperones including Ms. Schultz (IA German Teacher) and Ms. Rabinowitz (IA Graduate Assistant) that joined us on this great day! And thank you to Panera Bread who supplied our hunger ensembles with bagels to make it through the morning!! And as always thank you to the Music Boosters who helped to supply lunch and drinks to keep our fantastic musicians going through this very taxing day. Thank you to all our IA teachers and administration who continue to support the IA Music program!

MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival Reminders!

Dear IA Band and Orchestra Parents and Students,

We are 48 hours away from our first performance at MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival! Consider this our formal invitation to join us at this great event. If you have never attended a Band or Orchestra Festival this is a great chance for you to hear multiple schools perform at the highest level. We perform better when we have a full hall and you could help us to achieve a higher rating by filling the Waterford Kettering concert hall for our musicians!!

Details about this Thursday:

-The bus to festival LEAVES IA for Waterford Kettering at 7:45am. Please plan accordingly. We load busses at 7:30am. If you miss the bus, you are expected to meet us at Waterford Kettering no later then 8:15am.
-The Music Boosters will provide food and drink for all musicians.
-Performance times for the day are as follows:

9:25 String Orchestra
10:00 Concert Band
11:00 Symphony Orchestra
1:30 Symphony Band

-Students will return to IA at approximately 3pm however, if you attend festival you may check out with a chaperone after the Symphony Band’s performance.

-If you are chaperoning this trip our would like to help out the day of, please arive to IA at 7:15 for our pre-trip meeting! Thank you for joining us!!!

A few more details:

When students arrive at Waterford Kettering, they should report to the coatroom to drop off the instruments. Waterford schools are in-session and the participants of the festival are to either be in the coat room or watching performances when they are not performing. The members of the ensemble and parents should go and watch all performances with GOOD CONCERT manners. The students are representing International Academy at all times and need to remember that. NO CELL PHONES ON MUSICIANS DURING FESTIVAL DAY. Students will adhere to all MSBOA Officials. If a student is found in violation of the above guidelines, they will loose credit for the performance and serve detention time.

Thank you for your help and I hope you will join us!! I have also attached the master schedule for the day below.

8:30 AM
Bloomfield Hills West Hills MS
West Hills 7th and 8th Grade B
8:55 AM

conference (5 minutes)

9:00 AM
Bloomfield Hills Andover HS
Andover Philharmonic Orchestra
9:25 AM
Blfld Hills International Acad
String Orchestra
9:50 AM

conference (10 minutes)

10:00 AM
Blfld Hills International Acad
Concert Band
10:25 AM

conference (5 minutes)

10:30 AM
Waterford Kettering HS
Philharmonic Orchestra
10:55 AM

conference (5 minutes)

11:00 AM
Blfld Hills International Acad
Symphony Orchestra
11:25 AM

conference (5 minutes)

11:30 AM
Bloomfield Hills Andover HS
Andover Symphony Orchestra
12:00 PM

conference (5 minutes)

12:05 PM
Waterford Kettering HS
Symphony Orchestra
12:30 PM

lunch (60 minutes)

1:30 PM
Blfld Hills International Acad
Symphonic Band
1:55 PM

conference (5 minutes)

2:00 PM
Waterford Mott HS
Concert Ensemble
2:30 PM

conference (5 minutes)

2:35 PM
Walled Lake Central HS
Philharmonia Strings
3:05 PM

conference (5 minutes)

3:10 PM
Waterford Kettering HS
Chamber Orchestra
3:40 PM

conference (5 minutes)

3:45 PM
Waterford Mott HS
Symphony Band
4:15 PM

conference (5 minutes)

4:20 PM
Walled Lake Central HS
Symphony Orchestra
4:50 PM

conference (5 minutes)

4:55 PM
Waterford Mott HS
Chamber Orchestra