IACCMB Board of Directors: 2017-2018




President:              Zirka Kalynych

Vice-President:   Nicola Raistrick

Treasurer:               Mitch Swayze

Secretary:           Paula Lenington

Board Members

At-Large:                      Carol Hart

At-Large:             Alice McComas

At-Large:                 Charlene Mo

Committee Chairs and Key Volunteers

Banquet:              Nicola Raistrick and Zirka Kalynych

Communications:                                         Lori Warner

Hospitality:                                               Alice McComas

Programs:                                            Samantha Phillips

**Recordings:                                                Alan Norton

*Rose Sales:                                               Zirka Kalynych

*Spirit Wear:       Nicola Raistrick and Zirka Kalynych

*Uniforms:                               Paula Lenington (men’s)

*Uniforms:                                     Charlene Mo (ladies’)

Website:                       Shobha Kattimani/Lori Warner

* Positions for which help is currently needed, and/or will be needed for next year

** Looking for an apprentice or two for this year, to take over next year