Pre-Festival Concert Tonight

Dear Music Families,

I look forward to seeing you all tonight at our Pre-Festival Concert at Lahser High School. The call time for musicians will be 6:45pm. For those who have been with the IA for many years, you may remember that this concert is the musical version of a “rough draft” in writing. Tonight’s performance is not to be considered a polished performance but rather a concert to build from. The four ensembles performing tonight will have had, at most 2 rehearsals this week after the break and one ensemble has not met in 3 weeks.

David Reed of Andover High School, will be our guest adjudicator tonight and will be up in the light box given written feedback for our ensembles. In our program tonight, there will be the actual adjudication forms as we would receive at MSBOA Festival for you to fill out and share with your musician. The hall tonight will have full lighting for the entire show so the performers will be able to see the audience members with programs and pencil in hand. The doors for the performance will remain open both before the concert and during the concert but I still ask for good concert etiquette through the show.

I would also like to ask that some brave parents sit on stage during the performance. These parents will assist with moving chairs on the stage but the will stay on stage with the performers through the show. If you have never sat on the stage during a concert, this is a great time to take pictures (without a flash) and will help to aid in the high level of observation that Band & Orchestra Festival brings to an ensemble.

Thank you for your help and thank you for your assistance tonight!!


IA Music Alum Ryan Naimy Returns to Detroit

Greetings IA community,

We are pleased to announce that IA alum Ryan Naimy is appearing in the Michigan premiere of the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, Next to Normal at Meadow Brook theater.

The show runs through March 10th at Meadow Brook Theatre in Rochester, MI on the campus of Oakland University. The show is adult-themed and deals with mental illness, over medication, grief, a family struggling to keep their lives together. It is a VERY moving piece of theatre.

IA families can get tickets by calling the box office. There is a discount for friends/family, they will get 20% off if you mention IA alumn Ryan Naimy. Also, there is a group discount for groups of 8 or more!

The 2013 IA Solo and Ensemble Medalist! Bravo!!

Congratulations to our 2013 District 4 Solo and Ensemble Medalist. 59 events were sent, 51 events were Medalists!!

Division 2 Ratings:
Hannah Ferriby Bass Solo
Charles Xu Clarinet Solo
Rachel Chandra Piano Solo
Sean Hou Clarinet Solo
Cara Fleming Flute Solo
Katie Anderson Piano Solo
Divya Venkatesan Piano Solo
Tristan Davis Piano Solo
Divya Goel Violin Solo
Gayathri Reddy Kanmantha Reddy Harp Solo
Gabrielle Wahla Flute Solo
Danielle Metivier & Diana Davis Violin Duet
Diego Zimmerman Trombone Solo
Kristina Tsao Piano Solo
Corinne Hauck Cello Solo
Melanie West Flute Solo

Division 1 Ratings and Qualifier for State Solo and Ensemble:
Nicolas Vrede Euphonium Solo
Adam Smith Viola Solo
Benjamin Cher Violin Solo & violin duet
Hyunji Shim Flute Solo
Shriya Suresh & Antonia Langfeldt Flute Duet
Jackson Bridges Cello Solo
Briane Lynn & Vedha Ghanta Oboe Duet
Shriya Suresh Flute Solo
Aaron Levett Violin Solo
Gayathri Reddy Kanmantha Reddy & Elizabeth Poppe Harp Duet
Tristan Greiner Trumpet Solo
Cara Fleming Flute Solo
Hyunji Shim Quintet Woodwind Quintet
Samantha Martin Violin Solo
Noah Smith Piano Solo
Julia Wang Piano Solo
Gabrielle Wahla & Marla Maconochie Flute & Clarinet Duet
Addison Horton Trombone Solo
Antonia Langfeldt Flute Solo
June Ruan Violin Solo
Sean Gibbs Cello Solo
Jenna Wang Piano Solo
Grace Yu Flute Solo
Diana Davis Violin Solo
Brandon O’Neil Piano Solo
Alysia Mascolo Piano Solo
Anne Wampler Violin Solo
Swathi Iyer Piano Solo
Ryan Goniwiecha Clarinet Solo
Stacy Tsai Cello Solo & Piano Solo
Seo Hee Hwang Quartet String Quartet
Adrienne Joe Flute Solo
Allen Du Piano Solo
Aylie Yousif Cello Solo

The IA String Orchestra Chamber Ensemble
Filip Milojevic, Bogdan Manga, Shangari Varatharajan, Sravya Mallajosyula, Eesh Dadheech, Jeremy Marcelo, Kayla Anderson, Reha Verma, Alex Marshalek, Miri Hoshino, Rohan Joshi, Brandon O’Neil, Vinay Revankar and Awrod Haghi-Tabrizi

IA Musicians Rock Solo and Ensemble

Once again, the musicians of the IA rock MSBOA Solo and Ensemble. The IA sent 70 different events and over 100 students to the festival with the vast majority of our performers receiving a Superior rating! Mr. LaNoue and Mr. Wolf are incredibly proud of our musicians and wish them the best of luck at State Solo and Ensemble!